October 20, 2010

i thought today was a good day to revive my blog.   although after today i may forget about it again… we’ll see how that goes




tuba (solo)






this weekend our beloved (aka beloved in its day) van was towed away after a tragic (aka not very tragic, because we were certainly glad to see the insurance company paying us money to take it away) accident…  it was so rejoiced that the van would be leaving us forever, that directly after the accident happened, while i was still waiting to talk to the cops and take care of all the whatnot you have to take care of after accidents, the following conversations were had…

daniel “when are you going to be home?”
me “it might be a little bit, i just got hit… and i don’t even think the van is totaled.”
daniel “NOOOOOOO, why didn’t she hit you harder?!!!”
me “by the way, in case you were wondering i’m not hurt or anything.”

steve “amanda was hit in the van today”
cari “IS IT TOTALED?!!?!”
cari “oh, is amanda ok?”

when i was thinking about the van being towed away, it reminded me of a time angela, jolene and i were encountered by a 21 mile drive up the side of a mountain on a washboard dirt road. we could only drive 10 MPH and i laughed so hard i almost couldn’t drive because it was going to take us so so long to actually make it to lake walupt and it was completely absurd… somewhere along our long journey, we came upon brians broken down car with a note in the window that read “the car broke down, call a toe truck”… i’m pretty sure we all laughed a little more!

and now a chronicle of great crashes in troyer family history…

1 person and 2 dogs survied this accident…





two people survied this accident…



three and 1/2 people survived this accident…



just in time…

July 28, 2009

just in time for i should be sleeping right now, these are the things i’ve been up to lately…


the memorial day consisted of four entries, veterans, 90 year old man on a scooter, marching band and emergency vehicles (i also went to a rodeo and my brother posed for a senior portrait)



this is how the puppies have been spending their summer (plus bailey, the tiniest, cutest dog that comes to my work)



my brother and i started buying eggs from an amish man.  i love how you just write your name and what you bought in the ledger and leave your money in a tin can!



llamas, snakes, chickens and frogs… everything i love about summer!



i saw these kids!! (and my brothers made homemade lemonade!)



free slurpees, my favorite calendar entry, fourth of july, the world at 5:30am when two labradors and two spaniels are bouncing on your head begging for breakfast, and my first trip to navy pier



bought a new waffle maker AND popcorn maker at garage sales.  thank God for oil popcorn poppers!  bought my first adirondak chair!! (and fell into a mud pit… oops!)



thank goodness i moved home from seattle, just look at everything i’d be missing.



camping trip!  too bad no one told kevin we might be a little crazy…


pineapple express?

June 19, 2009

i love when it’s 90 degrees outside and pouring down rain… and i thought it would be a good idea to leave my raincoat (not a raincoat) and boots in seattle, because surely i wouldn’t need them in NOT rainy indiana. i don’t see pineapples floating across the sky during the weathermans report, but is this the indiana pineapple express?

a causal evening

May 4, 2009

this is my brother typing away at some homework on his computer…


… but lets zoom in to the armrest and see what he likes to keep with him while he works. phone: check. dead mouse: check.

may day

May 2, 2009

a may day (post may day) list:

a. my grandma just invited me to the church sewing circle!!
b. 10:13 pm “grandma, shouldn’t you be in bed right now? i thought grandmas were usually in bed by now” -my brother
c. today we went to chicago to enjoy an american past time, baseball!! i observed that despite being so old it’s crumbling and they’ve had to put up nets everywhere so you won’t be killed by falling concrete, wrigley field is infinitely times better than safeco field. they also play classy old songs in between pitches, none of this top 40 stuff and lastly, when the cubs win, they play this great song to celebrate their winning (i would not have previously known this, because i had never been there before when they won)… so classy!




100_12911wrigley the field, wrigley the dog!










img_0197Yups Dairyland

a hometown icecream treat after a big win (ps, our town has two ice cream spots. a, vic’s ice cream for hand dipped cones b, yups for anything else… before i went to seattle a chain ice cream joint tried to open up and failed miserably before their first year was over. i love it)

a country cow

May 1, 2009


i love when i’m driving down the road and happen upon a true country scene… a cow, tied to a utility pole, just hanging out near and sometimes on the road. besides the obvious, this scene is strange for a few reasons:

a. i happened upon this same scene five or six years ago when i still lived at home. that time, the cow was just around the corner tied to a tree, and at the moment that i happened to round the corner, it was definitely standing in the road waiting to be hit by my car and…
b. just beyond the cow/utility pole, and to the side a little, lies a green and fenced in pasture. why does a cow need to stand on the side of the road/in the road, when it could just be a pasture like any other cow?

yesterday i learned that so much can be learned from old people.

.if you think you have parkinsons, make sure it wasn’t just a stroke
.don’t have experimental brain drills until you’re sure it’s parkinsons you have, not something else

after learning in november that my uncle bob had parkinsons disease, and had known this for the past six years (but somehow managed to tell NO ONE… sketchy much?), uncle bob told us personally that he was planning to have an experimental brain drill/electrical zap/something equally as frightening, to try and cure his disease or at least help it to be a little more managable for a 80 something year old man (he’s my great uncle).  so, after having the consult for said brain whatnot and being mere months away from surgery, it was suddenly learned that he did NOT in fact have parkinsons disease, he had just had a stroke six years ago…

EXCUSE ME, you were about to drill into my uncle bob’s BRAIN!!  for the past six years, he has been taking loads of medication he didn’t even need.  he was about to have an experimental brain surgery.  oh, but he just had a stroke, never mind about all that stuff…


today my face feels like this + more furrowed brow… jenna’s face probably feels like this too, she works too much.



yesterday we heard some bad news

and in the weeks before that, this sweet and innocent looking hound, ate the following items:


.1 fluorescent light bulb (you know, the twisty kind for regular lamps)
.1 pipe she dug up in my brothers yard
.1 footboard for a bed
.1 dead animal
.1 highlighter
.1 dresser
.1 piano
.2 cd’s
.5 books
. started on a grill
. piles and piles of paper/mail
. wrigley (you decide for yourself, i’m pretty sure she unhinged her jaw like a snake and was trying to swallow him whole)100_1289-1
… probably lots more things i don’t even remember now

bella really is the best little dog, until you decide to leave the house for five minutes and she turns into a tazmanian devil… a flurry of spinning and destruction.

we took these the night before my brothers/(my) blazer met her death… i had lots of good memories in that blazer, including but not limited to, practically living in it for a small time when my new home didn’t feel like home.

at least my brother got some awesome senior portraits with it, in it’s last and trashiest moments!!